Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Born

Highlights from last Saturday's Born Free Show

After pulling in, this was the first bike that caught my eye.

Row after row of old's'cool scoots showed up.

You don't often see bobbed stock fenders on chops like this. Check out the old time fork extension technique.

"Look at dem Brit bikes"!

OK, I'll come clean. I was the dude responsible for picking Best Shovel. The vintage style, stance, and the unique paint theme sealed the deal.

What sort of man reads MC art? Who the F#@K knows? If this guy had shown up just a wee earlier, He would have snagged Best Shovel.

Some of the hard charging staff. Mike was running all over and Grant was the MC. All day tons of Free stuff was given away. So much that, if you didn't win, you truly must be a Born Loser.

Not all the cool rides were chopped.

I love this style of sporty.

I believe John Edwards won Best of Show. It cracked me up when I saw him ride in wearing that real WWII German helmet. Later, he introduced himself, seems like a good guy.

This Pan just didn't want it's photo taken (every shot came out blurred). I had to include it anyway.
The show was a complete success and the gang should be happy. Where else can you see so many of the coolest rides around, enjoy free food and drinks (yes beer) , and win some really good stuff. Not just t-shirts and stickers but, stuff like Roth air scoops, and custom kicker pedals.

The only thing not cool about the show was the weather. It was about 100°. The high temp and glaring SUN took it's toll on my camera, as an unusual number of my pictures came out bad, therefore some bikes won't get covered. Or, ...maybe it was the beer.
More to come.


drsprocket said...

Chris, I like your new October header. It looks like your knucklereaper with an added cage (car). Did you meet Chris and Max at the show (Oakland)? Are you going to the Dave Mann meet in ventura in December. I'm thinking of coming down with a couple of m/c's.

Chris K said...

Thanks, I indeed did Photoshop the front of Knucklereaper with one of my other paintings. I'll do a post showing it.

No but thought I recognized Max.

Don't yet know about the Mann show. I have a few reservations about that event, but don't let that influence you.

Mike D. said...

Chris thanks for coming down to the show[correction: riding down]I loved your bike.I did not want to reveal the judges for fear of their have put a target on your head!! Just kidding..Big thanks for the cash donation,awesome artwork and skilled judging ability.

Chris K said...

Thanks Mike, It was a pleasure to help out.

Even if I hadn't copped to it, Grant ratted all of the judges out anyway.