Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Indian for Irish Rich....

and other Indian Motorcycle lovers... well sort of... it's the P-61 American Rocket

For 1951, it's quite the Hot Rod. Although it looks the part, it's really too heavily modified to be considered a Bobber. Pierce hoped it would become a factory model.

I like the "H-D parts dept." gag.

Old time cyclist seem to always come up with clever slogans for putting down other makes.

For more on this scooter click on this:


Irish Rich said...

Nice. Are those pictures from Tod Rafferty?

I have the same picture of the P-61 in his big coffee table book "The Indian-The History Of A Classic American Motorcycle"

I was going to scan the above picture in for my blog, but the picture plate was twice as wide as my scanner bed was!

Chris K said...

Yup. Thought you like it.

It's a 3 scan composite. Left, Right, and one just to get the top of the nacelle and handlebars. all info was then re-typeset.

Too much work for one photo.