Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adios Mr. Carradine

Haven't seen this one.

Saw this one long ago.

Never saw this one.

Everybody watched this one.


Anonymous said...

After allowing himself to be in "Hell Ride", its no wonder. Hope he had a cute little Thai pooter before he took the journey! Adios Hollywood fake!

Mike D. said...

Ha Ha ...I just posted some crap about big Dave C on my blog and you have done the same. Great minds think alike.

Chris K said...

Truthfully, I wasn't really a big fan of D.C. Mostly posted it to be timely and see the response. His dad was a pretty cool actor, at least the roles he played.

I am sort of a fan of Roger Corman films.

Everyone will now remember David the way he went out. It's a pretty embarrassing situation for his wife and kids. I'm sure there will be lots of jokes and snickering about it.

Thomas said...

Fuck it. Everybody has to walk the walk in life. Its how you walk it that matters. Fame and fortune, although that eludes most of us, has nothing to do with it. Its being true to yourself and everyone around you that matters. Steve McQueen never made any bones about his chosen profession, or his fame and fortune, but he was always first, last, and always Steve. His own realist regardless of what anybody said. The only faker in him, was the roles he played, the rest, which was the bulk of his persona, was pure reality; AND he went out a fighter. D.C., if you'd a went out a fighter, you'd a gotten a bit more respect. The song is over! NEXT!

Anonymous said...

Carradine was cool

Just another freak in the kingdom