Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long Beach Swap Meet 2/28/09

Here we go again. Another swap meet was held last Sunday. I didn't shoot too many photos since my mission was to score parts. Below are some random pics and comments.

This cool '39 Knuck caught my eye on the way in. I had a chat with a friend of it's owner about it. He said he thought the paint was original. Something is up with the tanks. The silver and the patina/wear doesn't match the fenders plus they are missing the stripe.

Not a good photo but I wanted to show this view of the tanks. They didn't look right to me, as in too wide. The shape seemed more like the bad 3.5 gal. repops that are closer to 4 gal. They did have the petcock on the front right side. Maybe the good doctor has some input?

1971 FLH project for sale. $3500 seemed decent to me. I later noticed the Wing Nuts M/C decal in the back window of the truck.

Check the license tags. This thing hasn't seen the road since '75. Probably low miles. That's original paint on the fender. I believe H-D called it "Sparkling America" like on that year's Super Glide.

Likely built from swap meet pieces. Too bad it had S&S cases and ugly later model fork legs.

Nice pre-unit... just needs a Wassel tank.

Big Scott and the Cycle Zombie's space.

Some guy (not seller), tried to tell me this was for a '71 Super Glide. He didn't know who he was talking to. I have one and it was an option for both '70 and '71 Sportsters. I don't know when H-D stopped offering them as an accessory but, they were included in the '72 parts and accessories catalog.

A Garage Co. Knuckle. This one just isn't working for me like some others they've built.

Here's a composite panorama photo to attempt to capture the scale of the event. The chart below shows the layout of the vendors spaces. The red dot is were I stood for photo.

Those are all the 16' x 20' vendor spaces. Several times a year they completely sell out. They sometimes set up more spaces in the middle of the wide bottom aisle as they did on this day. Even on the smallest days they probably sell 60% of the spaces.

When the Swap Meet first started (before Topping Events), 20 years ago, there were only 3 to 4 events a year and they only used the red area directly below the stadium and it wouldn't even fill up. As the event grew, they opened up the large green area to the left. Later, the blue area to the right and then the purple area upper right. I'm not sure but, seem to remember the small purple area as the first motorcycle parking lot.

The motorcycle parking area. This is late in the day. I should have taken this picture earlier in the day when bikes were parked all the way up to the fence.

Here's a shot from Topping's website.

Monday, June 29, 2009

One Moment You're Here and Kaboom!, You're Gone!

Why was this over the top pitchman so well liked?
(I got a big kick out of Billy myself). My guess, positive energy.

Billy and Michael were both only 50. These celebrity deaths are a reminder of a few things. Life (and death), happens while your busy making other plans... do what you like while you can... and most of us are only important to a few loved ones.

R.I.P. William

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dutch Treat, as in Von

That's Kenny holding up the tiny Honda chopper. I believe it was called Teeny Weenie. I remember it from another magazine, maybe a later Choppers magazine. They re-ran some of the early issue features and bikes in the later large format magazine.

Big Daddy gives lots of good information about this mysterious man who had already become a character of legend in '68.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First We Lost Ed

Ride On Dude! Pitching magazines, beer, and dog food in heaven.

Then it was Farrah. (at least it's a two wheeler)

Rest In Peace.

Then Michael Steals the Show

Michael J. with Diana Ross. Note the bent forks!

Happier times? In spite of his his fame and riches or maybe because of it, his life was sort of sad. While I was not really a fan, I can't dispute his talent and impact.

The Seventies are dying more each day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Century Motorcycles Father's Day 2009

Century Motorcycles in San Pedro has been having Fathers day parties for along time. They invite all riders for lunch and to enjoy live music. I go to see the bikes.

A perfect day for a ride and this kind of event. Note the beautiful San Pedro skyline.

One of Cindy's father's (Bill Cotton) Vincents had a place of honor inside the shop.

One of two Knucks that showed up. Note the shifter set up.

This belongs to the shop. Don't know it's history. Looks to be a very early H-D Servi-Car rear axle.

When they are in this condition, there's something about the timeless style of these classic twins that almost tricks you into thinking it's a new bike .

A '54 Cub. You don't see many of these.

It's kind of sad state of affairs that somebody had to ask the owner if it's real or a replica? Kind of takes the fun out of owning the real deal.

The Vincent singles just aren't as exciting. Maybe black would help.

Antique bike with antique alarm system.

This pooch was actually a Ham. At one point, when surrounded by Paparazzi, she just soaked it all up. Seemed to enjoy being the center of attention.

"Okay, I've seen enough, I'm ready to roll now".

It seems you can count on seeing some different bikes at Century. I'm not sure about this one but, there was a company in Scotland(?) that made a Four similar to this.

White walls with black rims just don't do it for me.

Another seemingly new Triumph.

Old meets new.

These Square Fours have a unique sound.

This looks like a fun ride.

The Paparazzi came out again when this chop showed up.

Paint by Jim but, art is by Yvonne Mecialis.

Oh yeah, a belated Happy Father's Day, mother fathers!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Model Madness

Love this box art. It's So much better than just photos of the model. Too bad illustration is So dead today.

Period cool, or cool period. Reflects a time when Harley's were put on a diet.

I remember it sold this way. Same kit less one ... and box, Not as much fun. Why don't they re-release these models? This stuff helped some of us get started on this path.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tank Clutch Pan

This neat Panhead was recently posted on the nostaliga on wheels blog. Nobody noticed that the tank shifter was actually a clutch lever attached to the mousetrap. Not too sure about the wisdom of that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4 $ALE

Vintage Ironhead Sportster Forks (Sold)

Off a 1972 XLCH (last year for the drum brake and the steel lower legs), identical to a '71 and similar to the earlier ones all the way back to '52. These are probably some of the coolest skinny forks you can run on a Harley. They have very thin lower legs. 7/8" stem. (Harley used this style on '71 & '72 Super Glides but, with a 1" stem). Includes the small rubber boots (not shown). For extra $, I can provide the axle and riser mount if you what them too. Email me for more info: ckallasart@gmail.com

If they don't sell, they' ll go up on Ebay.

All the coolest hep cats dig these forks!

As seen on Sonny's bike! Good excuse to run this cover.

Same bike from HA 69. Yeah, I posted this one before.

(Update), I'm pleased to say that Jerimiah from Love Cycles snatched the forks. He's one guy that will put them to good use. I'm looking froward to seeing them on his Knuckle.