Thursday, May 7, 2009

Partridge Family Panhead or, Meathead Rides a Chopper

I was never a fan and didn't ever watch this show so, was unaware of this episode.

The Partridge Pan. Is this bike cool or what? Anybody know the history of this bike? Danny Bonaduce rides a Sportster now. I wonder what he remembers about this episode today?

About a year or so ago I was flipping channels and saw Rob Reiner playing a biker who took the girl on the show to a school dance (I don't know the characters names). He was a misfit at the dance and they mutually decided to call it a night. I didn't see the bike until the end of the show when he dropped her off. I was blown away at how cool the bike was! TV usually used lame bikes that were about as believable as the actors portraying bikers. I mean really, when you think biker would a guy like Rob Reiner, or Henry Winkler really come to mind?


ND said...

i saw that episode strangely enough

Anonymous said...

Jethro Bodine rides a nice chopper in the 2 part Griffith Park/crawdad smoking/hippie episode on Beverly Hillbillies. Almost all the 60-70's shows had a "biker" episode. Run For Your Life episode feature's a club with Norm Grabowski on his side-car rig. Even Highway Patrol had some robbers on a K model that rode up into the back of a truck to escape