Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meyers Lynx, McQueen's Mini Bike

The mini bike shown in the last post is a Meyers Lynx. Here's a page from the Meyers Lynx brochure. If they look like Taco Mini Bikes it's because they were actually made by John Steen.

The Lynx logo is actually the cooler of the two.

Just in case you forgot who Bruce Meyer was, here's an ad from 1969. He was the originator of the fiberglass dune buggy body kits for VW's. He still sells kits today. You might also remember seeing McQueen driving a Manx in the Thomas Crown Affair.

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Keith said...

Wow- hard to believe it's been over 40 years since the Manx first appeared.
I remember the Tow'd and, it seems, a newer and swoopier version of the Manx (SR?), but I don't remember ever seeing the ads for the mini bike.