Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tank a Shot at It

Can you put the right year with each of these tanks?
Answers are shown at bottom of this post

Some of H-D's best. This post started with me seeing this photo on the COC blog.

H-D sort of lost it. They use to do cool combinations of tank paint with emblem/badge design. I'd say the golden period of emblem and two tone paint was the period from '61 to '70 (photo above). For the most part, after '70, they dropped two tone paint and used decals for the additional color.

Wall of fame and possibly a few shames.

The '72-'81 AMF bar emblems were pretty uninspiring.

After about '71, I can't think of any memorable designs until '79-'81, when they re-used the '36-'39 speed ball graphic with the AMF bar. Doesn't help it much by showing it here on one of their worst tanks in a bad color.

It's good to see that in the last 10 years, H-D has once again installed emblems on some selected models. Is it me, or are the new badges just not as inspiring or memorable as the classics?

By coincidence, just a few minutes ago, I saw a late model bike with the '61-'62 badges installed. Which brings up, will anybody be nostalgic for todays badges and install them on new bikes in the future?

Some more recent Badges. Are these the classics of the future?

I always thought for the price paid for a new H-D, you wouldn't mind spending a few extra bucks to get tank emblem/badges. I thinks a good marketing/brand strengthening move. Now, if they only (instead of adhesive tape), screwed on.

How'd you do? The newest design shown is the '71 Superglide (upper left), the only FX in this bunch.

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Thomas said...

Well, I'm afraid that the classic emblem design of the future will probably be the design of the past. My favorite would probably be the chrome "teardrop" of '40-'46, or the '61-'62 shooting star/cross. Anyway, perhaps it's not the emblem at all, but the hunk of iron beneath it. Remember, prior to emblems there was just an artist's brush. And who wouldn't want to own a '29 Model D?