Monday, April 27, 2009


Yesterday, once again I went to the monthly swap meet in Long Beach. Turn out was less than normal because of the giant automotive Pomona swap meet and the Laughlin Run but, as a seller/buddy said, "the diehard garage builders always show up."

Semi of typical of the "blend" bikes you see at the swap but with a build quality that is better than most.

This spartan Shovel has been on the blogs.

You might have also seen this shovel "long neck" on the Born Loser blog. I finally met the BL himself, Mike.

Many guys park their bikes in friends space. That means somebody has to say, "not for sale", to the constant stream of passers.

Two very creative guys. Slim and his brother Wes are practically fixtures at the meet.

Blurry but I like this shot. Slim has plans to make his van a wheel stander. Soon, a big block will be going in the back.

A small crowd was gathered around this pan. It looked too clean and new to be in the parking lot. On close inspection it featured a '56 motor with outside oilers in a earlier chassis. Other than the chrome hubs, it was parkerized and cad plated as original. It's a bit puzzling why you'd go to so much trouble to emulate a stocker's fit and finish with the wrong year engine. That would automatically kill any chances of placing at an antique meet.

I wasn't in the mood to do much photography, I was concentrating on scrounging for parts and scored a few. In retrospect I missed the opportunity to shoot a few really cool bikes.

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