Monday, February 23, 2009

Yesterday's Long Beach Swap Meet

Here in SoCal we're pretty fortunate for a few things. Not only can we ride all year but, we also have a great swap meet every month, and like usual I scored some great parts. Besides the assortment of parts it's also like going to a monthly informal show. For me, this is Sunday morning religion.

Amongst a sea of twin cams you'll usually see some interesting bikes so, after my third trip to the car to unload parts, I grabbed my camera and hoped some of the cooler bikes were still around.

This 62 had a cool presence that doesn't quite come across in the photos. Engine and trans were just rebuilt. Perfect example of a bike that's been kept alive by the swap meet. Tanks are 59 -60, bags and foot boards are from the 70's.

Those yellow ignition wires aren't helping any. A note said it also included a foot shift/hand clutch. Asking price was $11.5 obo.

I can't remember a meet when I didn't see this well ridden shovel parked up front. Seasoned bike equals seasoned rider.

A very nice knuck. Minor stuff like the modern rear brake and foot controls are a bit out of place for my taste. None too sure about that tail pipe but still a clean ride.

Turned out to be a fairly rare 41 model.

This original paint 1970 Electra-Glide is also always parked out front. I'd rather see old worn chrome than white paint.

The Garage Company usually has some pretty cool bikes for sale. You could be tying down this S&S powered Pan in your truck for $18.5. It's part of their recycling program. They buy parts at LB and build bikes like this with them.

Can you believe I heard a guy say to his friend, "hey look, a old Triumph"? Besides not knowing bikes, I guess he couldn't read.

Clean half 'n' half stock bobber Knuck.

The owner of this decked out 37 UL mentioned it was a ten year old restoration.

Although he acted like it was giving him problems, it started on the 4th or 5th kick. That tells you just how reliable those old flatheads are.

One day I'll probably leave LA and when I do, I'll miss the swap meet the most.


chessie said...

I haven't attended a swap meet since the late 70's. I was wondering, since I see there is going to be one about 150 miles from me...if they are as laid back, and fun as they used to be?

While I don't expect everything to be like it was in the 60's and 70's...tell me Chris, can I really expect to find parts off the old shovel, pan...ect...that are not bubble wrapped? Are they really real...? or just some of that crap you can find in bubble packs from an after market dealer...????
Let me know...cuz I would like to make the trip out to the VA. coast if it's gonna be worth my while with pictures and a story...

drsprocket said...

Chris, That guy standing behind the rider kicking over that flathead is one Craig Taylor the grandson of John Cameron the two- cam cutdown guru and original Boozefighter. He rides two of his Grandpa's two wheeled hotrods and is Pres. of the L.A. chapter AMCA. He'll have them at Dixon this year and will be the guest speaker. I'm doing a big display of original early L.A. club photos and such. Rich

Chris K said...

Can't speak for all of them. Keep in mind that Long Beach might be the best in the country. Especially considering it's now monthly. Remember, there's always been a lot of bikes out here.

There's a ton of newer bike take offs, and some after market sellers, but still a good number of regulars and periodic guys selling stuff for knuckles, pans and shovels. Lately it actually seems that the old stuff is making a stronger comeback. The economy may be making the old stuff surface.

I still find some parts at 70's prices.

How's this for fun and laid back? Yesterday after buying 3 parts for a total of $4, the guys selling the stuff say, "how bout a beer"? and that's not the first time.

A couple meets back, a guy wanted 40 bucks for a fender. I asked if he'd take 30? He said, "only if I have a beer".

As they say in advertising,"Your experience may vary".

steevenb43 said...

Being an unrepentant East Coaster, I have to admit, this makes me a wee bit jealous. I wish that my part of the world had some of this good juju...good to see you enjoy it AND appreciate it and most of all...take advantage of it.

Chris K said...

Thanks for the info. Lots of people and bikes with interesting history show up at LB. I can't tell you how many times I've been blown away by a bike a person or story.

I believe I have some pictures of the Cameron bros. and their two cammers from some old El Camino College antique shows.

Mike D. said...

Hey Chris,next swapmeet stop by and say hi.I was in the red 60 El camino next to all the pictures you were taking??

Chris K said...

I saw your truck and bike on Chopper Dave's site, and thought wow! How could I have missed that? My 1st and 2nd round I was so tuned in on looking at parts I can't believe I missed your truck! I'm sure it was gone by the time I came back to take photos. I'll try to pay more attention next time!

Griff said...

That Garage Co Pan is now in my garage in the UK