Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sutherland Bros. HA Photos 1966

Hell's Angels Run Bakersfield, CA. from Gary S.

These were shot by Gary's brother Larry, a year later at the same location as the LIFE magazine photos that have been circulating the blogs.

Oh my God there's 9 of them! Can't a brother get a break? One dude wants to split while the other's calmly taken his time. Looks to be a different bar in this shot.

Iron Horsemen were back again with the Angels. The kid from the last shot has had enough. I hope it's just the age of the photo, as the 4 Aces looks a hell of a lot more run down in 66.

More of the same. After 66', I believe the Angels gave up on Bako.

More photos on the way from Gary so, stay tuned!

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