Friday, February 27, 2009

Suthbrother Checks In

Hey Chris,

I found this early '69 pen drawing I did in History class
at eighteen. I was always doing these instead of taking

As you can see, my knowledge was based on vague
impressions of what a chopper might look like as we
hadn't purchased ours yet. Btw, that's a binder
ring hole on the left.

I've been spending a lot of time reading your postings.
Bobber-Not a Bobber was great. Wondered
if the owners of those crappy looking fakers ever got
back to you with hate mail.

Later man,

Gary, My early drawings also suffered from lack of knowledge, I too drew push rods on the left side. It's still a nice "gesture" sketch. No haters yet. So far the comments and email has been supportive.

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Bonneville Speed Shop said...

Hey guys, it's the digital age. Just take your scanned drawing and flip it horizontally in your edit and viola! Valves are on the left side!

Yeah, I'm bored, but helpful