Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Millar, Roth, and Robert Williams Patches

Stuff like this was "kick starting" my interest.

As stated in an earlier post, Pete Millar was a hero of mine. Since Pete and Ed were friends there was always something in Drag Cartoons about Ed, and many issues featured his ads. As Roth's ads began to increase their emphasis on choppers, so did my interest.

SHOCKING!?... more like WOW! At age 12, This was my only glimpse of the art and lifestyle. A Williams' biker holds a David Mann poster.

I had no idea who was drawing this stuff but I knew I liked it. At some point I learned of Ed Newton and David Mann. Many moons passed until I realized Robert Williams was another important Roth Studios artist.

The DC Roth ads from Jan. 68 and 67. I'd peer at these little images with awe and wonder. For many years, I only saw this stuff at this scale.

A whimsical Williams character pitches his patches. Only Robert could come up with such fun weirdness.

Robert aboard Roth's evolving "Oink", the coolest swing arm of them all!

Once familiar with his style, there's no doubt Robert's the artist.

The effect on my small brain. The influence of Williams' Devil's Chopper patch (above), and Newton's art (below), is evident. At that time I had no real knowledge of a Harley's workings. Note... push rods on left side. Most clues were gleaned from ads or the drawings by a school chum.

Ed Newton's art, also helped me get my head straight


Jack said...

Thank You for the look at a couple ads I did not have. I collect them or at least scan them to my collection. Awesome stuff. Have More?

Chris K said...

Thanks Jack. Yeah, I have a few more Roth ads and others I need to scan. In case you didn't notice, I retouched the bottom of the cropped close ups so they would look better. blogs are all about sharing cool stuff.

Mike D. said...

Hey Chris,killer photo of the Robert Williams Panhead.You have some real neat stuff here..keep it up.

Sketch V said...

Great stuff!
Huge Williams fan myself. Got a couple pics of him at my spot as well as a painting...
Thanks for posting!!