Thursday, November 20, 2008

Celebrity Biker photos of the Week

Mister Cool? Many think so

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Steve McQueen might be the most famous celebrity motorcycle enthusiast of them all but, to a new generation and as time goes by, Jay Leno may take his place. Steve owned all makes and types of bikes but, his preference seem to lean towards big British twins.

Tearing up on the Rickman. Hey Steve, where's your safety equipment?

Nice bike

Testing the McQueen built Rickman-Metisse-Triumph

Definitely not British. Is this Steve and his favorite bike?

Of all his bikes, the above chopped Indian has been reported as his favorite ride because he could ride it incognito. Somewhere I have a photo of him aboard a chopped Indian sport'in long hair and a beard.

Definitely not Steve. The Indian chop today at the National Motorcycle Museum

Years ago, I saw a (light green?), grubby bobbed/chopped McQueen Indian in the West Coast Choppers show room. Was it the claimed favorite or, the bike above? Later, I heard that Jesse planned on restoring it. Boy would that be a mistake.


Anonymous said...


Mr Donda

Anonymous said...

That's 'Kiwi' Mike with the helmet and WCC shirt in the desert photo.

Chris K said...

Anonymous, Thanks, I don't remember where I got the picture. Didn't think that was Steve. Helmet looks too new. I couldn't make out the shirt but it sure looked familiar.

Anonymous said...

Where is this bike? Cause if you want the truth about it I'm the person to tell it because i'm the one who built it for Steve. I built it for him cause I would not sell him mine. Wich I still have the twin sitting in my shop. So piss off to who ever claims building this bike. And yes it was his favorite bike. YES it would be a mistake to restore it. It was built to look like my bike, "A Rat Bike" thats what he wanted.


Chris K said...

J.D. Thanks for the comments. Anytime you want to come forward and say more would really be appreciated. Now I'm trying to figure out if I can figure out who you are based on your initials.

Anonymous said...

Well Chriss this J D and I guess I dont know who you are either so that makes us even I guess. My email adress is if you want to learn about old white no. 2 thats the bikes name mine being no. 1. And I would like to know where the bike is now if possible