Friday, August 1, 2014

Born-Free 6 Part 4 Some Other Bikes

Besides just choppers, there are always an interesting mix of other machines.
About as nice as they get.

Looks Crockerish.

Someone is having fun.

This original paint '63 was for sale. It's worn finish looks like it was begining to be sanded? It also has some recently applied ugly pink pinstripes to the tops of the fenders. 

Since I own a '70 I had to get a shot of this one still in original paint.

Like last year I spent much of the day hanging out with Dr. Sprocket, Craig Taylor and the guys from the Los Angeles chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. Craig heads up the group and organizes the swap meet section of Born-Free.

An original paint '71 was also for sale. It has a few mods and looked a bit rougher in person. I know original paint bikes are desirable but don't think anyone is ready to shell out $15K for a cone shovel in this one's condition just yet.

The owner of this '68 thought he had an original paint bike. I hated to pop his bubble and Todd confirmed my opinion.

Other than some random shots, this will likely be the last post featuring multiple photos from Born-Free.

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