Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Born-Free 5 Part 3 "Choppers Not"

Although Born-Free was/is really about vintage choppers, Mike and Grant have always encourage attendees to ride in vintage bikes of all types. As for myself, I enjoy seeing them just as much as the choppers. Here's a few that caught my lens.
Vintage '48 Panhead? By the looks of things, this may be a wholly new bike. Check the heads and the tranny with the electric starter.

 Nice 1961 Harley in Hi-Fi Purple?

Whatever the case, it appears a bit pinker than usual.

1947 Kucklehead with great patina.

1949 or '50 Panhead... or just built from parts? Never the less, a clean machine.

It was nice to see Dr. Sprocket (aka Rich Ostrander), take home the trophy for "Best Bobber".

He originally restored his 1940 Knuck as a stocker then later Bobbed it.

An interesting blending of parts. 

Chuck Vogel took "Best Original" with his 1928 Henderson.

That's a wrap, time to go.

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epinut said...

Supossedly the Hi-Fi Purple was available in late -61, although a 62& 63 color... My -62 CH looks like that one, & I had the color matched to a oem touch up can lid. Also every 62-63 brochure I've seen shows that pinkish shade.
But the few restored bikes I've seen with Hi-Fi purple paint seems to be much darker & less pink..?