Thursday, July 4, 2013

Born-Free 5 Part 1

Born-Free 5 has come and gone. So where does one start?

The amount of cool bikes was overwhelming. As Dr. Sprocket said, "It would have to be a three day event to be able to take in everything going on". That coupled with the very hot temperature limited my picture taking. Because of the heat, several times I found myself in a shady place talking with friends perhaps a bit too long. That said, for the sake of the blog I pushed on and did my best to capture what I could.

The first two posts will focus on some of the invited builder's bikes.

 Everybody has different taste, so what bike would the winner of the bike give a way take home? Turns out, Ryan Hagger picked Jason Sheet's 1931 Harley Davidson VL. Jason on the right, shows Ryan the dope on how to tame the beast.

Jeremiah of Love Cycles built this race inspired 1948 UL with fantastic body work.

 Andy Carter's 1952 Panhead.

 Dave Polgreen's dazzling '37 UL in a VL frame. This would have been in strong consideration had I the wining ticket.

 Jeff Leighton's Panhead very much reminds me of his old Flathead. Don't let the simple look of this bike fool you. There's a ton of custom touches that you might first miss.

 Todd Asin's 1954 Triumph is a classic right out of the '60's

Josh Conley's 1946 Knucklehead. Most of the other bikes may have been more intricate or dazzling, but had I won, it would probably have been the best bike for me since it would be easier to personalize,  

Bobby Hultz's 'Show Class People's Champ' was possibly the prettiest bike at the entire show.

Dave Barker built this "fine" aluminum framed Panhead. 
Big Scott Stopnik's awesome1946 Knucklehead looked to be right out of an early 60's show, or for that matter an old David Mann sketch. Another in the top 3 I would have thought about taking home.

I believe Scott T-Bone Jones took the Builders Choice for best bike. There was some confusion during the announcement, but I do think he won the Harley Twin-cam drive train for next years build-off.

Nineteen year old Dylan Mingureli's tasteful Shovelhead Bobber was my favorite bike of the day. It won Greasy Kulture Magazine's "Best Traditional Modified M/C" as awarded by Dr. Sprocket who built an amazing trophy. (picture to come).

More "Builder's Invite" to come... 

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