Sunday, March 10, 2013

More South Bay Originals

Joe Hurst sent these photos which were circulating amongst the old South Bay group on Facebook. I later learned that they belong to Angel Marc.
Here's Nasty Nez with his original Loco Motion knucklehead chopper. He later gave the tank and name to Dick Allen. If you go back and look up the post of Dick's Vincent chopper you'll see the same tank. The post of Joe Hurst's White Bear before paint jamming down the 405 also shows this tank.
Here's an early photo of Dick Allen with his Chrome Frame Chopper when it had a knuckle in it. I believe this is after the Choppers Magazine article when it featured a Shovelhead. The Chrome Frame Chopper has possibly been changed and rebuilt more than any other bike out there. Party on Girl!


Noot said...

Chris is back ! Cool post (he looks just like Lil' Joe)

zanstar said...

Oh my gosh, that crazy chick behind Dicks bike is me. Wow, i miss him. Thanks Marc for the memories of Dick and Nez...