Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hector's Knuck

Kerry Crist sent this photo from the 70's of his old friend Hector's chop.This bike looks like it came right off the pages of Big Bike Magazine and D&D Cycles (later known as Jammer).


Irish Rich said...

Chris, D&D was always D&D. Jammer (Joe Teresi and Mill Blair)was just the distributor of the parts that D&D made. D&D was never owned by Jammer.

Jammer and D&D split the sheets because D&D thought that Jammer was playing down the D&D name and they (D&D)were losing their identity, and D&D thought they could do just a good a job at distributing their parts themselves as Jammer was. So, D&D ended their relationship with Jammer, and D&D started to distribute their own parts again under D&D Distributing, from their storefront in Burbank, as well as selling retail from the same location, as D&D Cycle.

Eventually, in the early '80's, Paughco acquired D&D in total, and that's how Paughco got their original line of springers and rigid frames. The Paughco springers and rigid frames are direct decedents of the original D&D springers and rigid frames Jammer distributed for D&D.

Chris K said...

Rich, Thanks for the correct History.

I can understand why D&D had a problem with Jammer, since I don't remember seeing D&D's name after the Jammer ads and catalogs came out.

I have an old Big Bike Magazine where Mil Blair writes about the new springers from D&D and for some reason thought he was the builder of them. I'll have to look it up to see why.