Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vincent Loco Motion

I have a bunch of stuff to post, but this couldn't wait.

One way cool photo courtesy of Joe Hurst.

Joe told me of this mythical experiment two years ago, but I'd never seen it, and believe it's the only photo of it. Dick wasn't happy with the gearing (too low), so he used everything but the frame and engine to build his famous Loco Motion Knucklehead. The Loco Motion gas tank and name was originally on Nasty Nez's (of Phase III), Knucklehead, then given to Dick (with permission to keep the name), then to Joe (on the Rat F**k bike), then back to Dick. That's Joe standing behind the bike.

Something tells me this photo will show up on other blogs.


Irish Rich said...

Straight from the freezer.

Is that a Triumph sprung hub grafted on the rear?

Irish Rich said...

Never mind, I blew the photo up to 275%, it's a H-D juice drum.