Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mystery Bike Part 3, Bruce's 1st Build

Working from the first post backwards, here's photos of Bruce Parrish's first chopper. This is the same bike that would become the Funny Bike in it's second iteration.

Escape from New York. Bruce bought a complete 1950 Panhead late in 1970 for $100. The frame engine and trans were loaded in the trunk of his friend's Chevelle and they headed for California.

Once in Cali., Bruce stumbled upon Dick Allen's shop, where the bike above, became the inspiration for his build.

Bruce's first mold job.

The proud owner with his freshly finished creation circa 1971.

Nicely detailed motor. Until I asked about it, Bruce had forgot about the chromed barrels. Turn down tips were added to the drag pipes at this point. The hex end bolt forward and highway pegs were made to match the rocker stud bolts of the Dick Allen springer.

Back to New York. Bruce rode his Pan cross country a few times.

Another trip to the east coast in '72. This time with SU carb and 2 into 1 collector exhaust.

Happy Birthday! Bruce said he was never superstitious since his birthday was the 13th. Then, on 1/13/73 (his 23rd birthday), some dude in a Mustang gave him a nasty present. Some might say it's the Green Bike curse. This was the end of the bike as it was and the beginning of the Funny Bike.


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