Friday, March 12, 2010

More Fun From Lincoln Park

Here's the other 1948 Lincoln Park photos from Harry Sucher's book. They are some of the coolest racing shots I've seen from that period and the first reason I believe the date was wrong on the Don Fera photo caption in the previous post.

This VL appears to be fitted with WL tanks. I'll bet these guys rode these machines on the street and raced on weekends. This and the Knucklehead in the above photo are good examples of how race bikes influenced the 'California Bobber' look.


drsprocket said...

After I viewed that '40 Knuckle in the first photo I had to go out to the shop and make sure it was still there. Damn near the same. Don't think I'll be jumping it any time soon though. Cool photo's. p.s. Where's Joe?

Chris K said...

where's Joe?, After posting this, I had a feeling you'd ask. I had just thought I need to go back and review the disc and start posting stuff.