Friday, January 15, 2010

It Lives!

or Stu's Wild Ride!

The owner builder of the
Way Too Much (my title), extreme Sportster chopper emailed me and sent some photos.

Proof that it's ridden. From the front, although extreme, it doesn't look that crazy. Looks sort of like a Dave Mann painting.

Hello, It is nice to see someone appreciates my effort and posted a picture. The picture you have is from the “Reading Public Museum “ exhibit. On display for five and half months along with fifty other bikes.

I built it from parts saved over the years. 17” 5 spoke front wheel, 22” over springer, 32” ape-hangers, triangle headlight, 2 gallon prism tank, 1968 Ironhead-kick only, custom velocity stacks, custom iron cross oil tank, custom seat-sissy bar with devils tail, exhaust pipes, carriage tail light, 16” 5 spoke rear wheel.

Outside the Reading Museum. No Fat Chicks! Stu says, "there's roughly a 120 pound weight limit on the rider because the seat is behind the rear axle".

Stu and his creation. Until seen with a person, being ridden, or two up, it was a little hard to get a complete sense of the bike's size or scale.

I have been in several eastern states with it, given thousands of rides to all ages who although they loved the thrill, were happy to get off quickly. The seat has steel and wood inter- structure with a thin leather covering so it doesn't collapse down on me. From the ground to the tip of the pipes is 6’-8”. I have ridden over 3,000 miles in five years with it, been in several magazines, and won a lot of “best of shows-or first places”. Always a crowd pleaser, and with the right female perched up top will just about shut down anything else going on when it rolls in. It is one of eight I rotate through, five Harleys, two Triumphs, and I just finished a 750 Suzuki GSXR in a chopper frame, 300 x 18 rear tire, 21” front, 15” over tubes, custom everything. Hope your weather is nicer than the COLD/SNOW we have going on here in Pa. Later…Stu

What were the chances of him seeing my post? Perhaps more people are reading this blog than I thought.


drsprocket said...

Chris, If I had seen these photos of him and his machine in motion I simply wouldn't have believed it. He makes riding it seem simple. Whew!

Chris K said...

I'm sure it's a bit of a challenge to ride.

Your arm and hands would have to get tired as the flow of blood to them is lessened when so elevated.

Canajun said...

One word - why?

Rick said...

Where do you start? The bars, the pipes, the seat. It's all way over the top. Crazy.