Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ed Newton, Art Hero 3

Here's an old AEE/ Ed Newton ad I kept from a 1969 Cycle Guide.

Ed Newton had been doing all kinds of cool art and designs for Roth. Since Roth and Tom Mc Mullen were friends, I guess it was natural for Newton to design the Big Twin. During this period, nobody was doing cooler stuff than Newton.


Irish Rich said...

So Chris, can you guess what medium Newton did his illustrations with?

I always thought it was like Pentel white pencil on black posterboard.

Waddya think it was?

Chris K said...

As a kid I was real confused and interested in how these mysterious renderings were produced.

Later, especially after taking Industrial Design classes, I realized they were mostly likely white pencil (we used Prisma Color pencils), and Design markers (in this case likely for the darks and shadows), and white paint for highlights on a medium tone Canson paper.

Before computers, it was one of the common ways for designers to work.

Chris K said...

On a second look, The line quality leads me to think he used ink (wash for dark gray), and for blacks, with a brush, instead of markers.

I know he used a brush for much of his inking for the t-shirt designs,