Tuesday, August 11, 2009

These Are a Few...

....of My Favorite Things

His n' Hers

I've put my bike on a diet. Next to go will be the spotlights and rear crash bars.


Knuckle Buster said...

My first HD was a twin to yours, a 71 police special. Mine was a little worse for wear and had black rims but other than that... I even put the kicker on it too. Electric only? No way!

Chris K said...

They are the last of the old style H-D's with clean handlebars. Way back when I had my Sportster and later my blend bike I wanted either a '70 or '71 because I don't like handlebar switch boxes, the 72 front disk or'73 up swing arm. I bought and restored this '70 in '92, finished in '94.

I've always loved black wheels. I have an extra set of wheels for this bike (one is already black), I'm thinking of making up a nice black set to put on.

Hard to imagine owning a bike without a Kicker!

steveb said...

do i see an FXR sitting there ready for action?

nice combo, best of both worlds

Chris K said...

Yes, but the FXR belongs to the misses. It's a sweet riding bike and she absolutely loves it.

I have to get my Sportster done. Then maybe I'll be able to keep up with her. Putting the old FLH on a diet has helped some.