Friday, August 21, 2009

A Good Dresser is Hard to Find

I recently received an email from Tjebbe of the ZZChop blog explaining how ever since my post on dressers, he's been hooked, but being a chopper guy, doesn't want to be!

He went on to say how he's been hunting the internet for those elusive dresser photos.

Good pictures of dressers are a lot tougher than choppers to find. Maybe that's partly what makes them interesting.

Hopefully these beast will help him cope with his new found addiction.


ZZ chop said...

Chris, the top one is excellent!
Thanks for posting these up, I'm with my nose up to the screen to find out how they dressed em like that!
If all goes well, I have some cool news on tuesday! I'll let you know.


Chris K said...

Tjebbe, Your welcome. I've seen others from the east coast like this. They have a whole rear structure with rod or tubing fins. It appears to attach at it's front with the bottom of the rear crash bar and hangs off the back with a strap type bracket from the fender strut. Just don't get a flat tire. Also, look at all those bullets mounted on the fairing.