Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Best of Henry's St. Chopper Show, Part 3 John Edwards '52 Panhead

It would have been just too easy to start this series with this bike. Anybody who has been scanning the blogs should recognize it.

What sets this bike apart from many "newly built", traditional chops is not only the tasteful integration of vintage parts but, it seems like John is the only guy with the grit and style to employ the once common practice of molding and painting the frame and tank to match.

A good balance of paint, chrome, and polished aluminum... plus good ingredients makes for one tasty chopped stew.

Vintage Bates provides the seating. Vintage sixties up sweeps and fender are ribbed for your pleasure.

The bike features several of Randy Smith's delectable delights. Finned Dish Pans, Roth carb cover and Holy Pegs. Also, note the California stomper pedal and the seat's hinge, looks '20's -'30's vintage. St. Christopher provides traffic surfing protection.

Angled risers were more often seen on 50's bob jobs. They serve two purposes. You can run narrower bend bars but more importantly, just hack your stock bars off the top tree.

Narrow front wheel sans a brake matches the alloy out back. Headlight looks to be a vintage mini Bates. "The Man" says you gotta have a horn.

Good from any angle. Thoughtful restraint. Nothing is over done.

Truly a classic. You'll never improve on this basic form of bike.

The midget behind the helmet is your esteemed photographer/author. How'd I take this trick shot?... easy, I stole it from Blue Collar Moto blog.


Mike D. said...

Hey Chris you should write.....well done

Chris K said...

Thanks Mike. I never thought of myself as a writer but, any publishers listening?

Stretch said...

Chris - That post was amazing with great photo and you accentuated all the fine points! Edwards' bike is definitely a well designed machine that is a true testament to the builder/painter himself!

Chris K said...

Thanks Stretch.

Federico De California said...

Purple bike is the shidizzle...Checkout a possible inspiration for it here, you Finks..•-1963/

Cheers, FH