Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tank Clutch Pan

This neat Panhead was recently posted on the nostaliga on wheels blog. Nobody noticed that the tank shifter was actually a clutch lever attached to the mousetrap. Not too sure about the wisdom of that.


krazy kevin said...

Chris, we ran these all the time in N.Y.. If your clutch cable broke you could still activate your mousetrap n get home

Chris K said...

At least it wasn't your only way of clutching, like on this bike. By the way, It's from the east coast.

I've seen a few bikes set up like you say and some that could be shifted by hand or foot and the same goes for the clutch. I say make up your mind, just too many levers and linkage.

Note that there is no kickstand on this bike. He uses his kicker for that. I knew a guy that did that. He tried to make everything on his bike serve more than one purpose or it didn't go on. He wanted it light, he was into drag racing.