Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Century Motorcycles Father's Day 2009

Century Motorcycles in San Pedro has been having Fathers day parties for along time. They invite all riders for lunch and to enjoy live music. I go to see the bikes.

A perfect day for a ride and this kind of event. Note the beautiful San Pedro skyline.

One of Cindy's father's (Bill Cotton) Vincents had a place of honor inside the shop.

One of two Knucks that showed up. Note the shifter set up.

This belongs to the shop. Don't know it's history. Looks to be a very early H-D Servi-Car rear axle.

When they are in this condition, there's something about the timeless style of these classic twins that almost tricks you into thinking it's a new bike .

A '54 Cub. You don't see many of these.

It's kind of sad state of affairs that somebody had to ask the owner if it's real or a replica? Kind of takes the fun out of owning the real deal.

The Vincent singles just aren't as exciting. Maybe black would help.

Antique bike with antique alarm system.

This pooch was actually a Ham. At one point, when surrounded by Paparazzi, she just soaked it all up. Seemed to enjoy being the center of attention.

"Okay, I've seen enough, I'm ready to roll now".

It seems you can count on seeing some different bikes at Century. I'm not sure about this one but, there was a company in Scotland(?) that made a Four similar to this.

White walls with black rims just don't do it for me.

Another seemingly new Triumph.

Old meets new.

These Square Fours have a unique sound.

This looks like a fun ride.

The Paparazzi came out again when this chop showed up.

Paint by Jim but, art is by Yvonne Mecialis.

Oh yeah, a belated Happy Father's Day, mother fathers!


Anonymous said...

Someone *should* have asked if that Vincent Series B machine was a replica.. because it's a Rapide that someone make look (and maybe perform?) like a Series B Lightning. It's not a legit factory produced Lightning. Hell, Series B Black Shadows are one of the rarer machines they made (abut 60, if I remember right)... so for someone to take a Shadow and make a Lightning would be a bit nuts, and a real shame. Not such a big deal if it were a C Shadow... there were more of those.

Wonderful bike... I'd love to have it... but a replica.

Stephen Pate | Restoration Werks

Chris K said...

Stephen, Thanks for the comment. I do not know British Bikes like I know H-D's.

Are you saying it's a replica Black Shadow made to look like a Lightning?

It's my understanding that they do make complete ground up replica Vincents and I believe that's what the asker of the question was wondering. Anyway, I believe the owner replied that it was real and didn't offer any more info.

Chris said...

Chris, it would appear that we attend almost all the same events. I goofed at this one and forgot my camera. Rode back and got it at breakneck speed but most of the Vincents were gone by then. The Knuck with the trick clutch belongs to my good friend Frank from Lawndale. Gotta hook up some time. Im the big fat guy with the camo cap and generic looking camera. Hahaha. Did you see the two custom Triumphs around the corner by the sick little trike?