Friday, May 29, 2009

What Sort of Man Reads MCart?

A man of action. A man who lives in the fast lane. The kind of guy who knows where to find MotorCycle entertainment that keeps pace with his lifestyle.


chessie said...

Wow, is he wearing ninja shoes?

drsprocket said...

Oh,boy. I'll let you answer Chessie Chris.

Chris K said...

It appears to be a photo taken in the pits at a race so, I'd say it's part of his racing gear sans the shoes.

Everything has a connection. The mini bike is a Myers Lynx probably model 63. They were made by John Steen (former motorcycle dirt racer and the maker of Taco mini bikes), for Bruce Myer of Myers Manx dune buggies. McQueen had a Rickman/Matisse Triumph. John Steen was a seller of Rickman/Matisse products. You might remember that McQueen drove a Myers Manx on the beach in the movie, the Thomas Crown Affair.