Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009


It's okay to have a good time (that's what they fought for too), Just don't forget what today is about.

Had to throw a bike in. You sure don't see many WLA's with a buddy seat and foot board extensions. Don't know what that stuff is (behind the blackout light), on the top front fender. Also, note the high mounted head light and the early tail light set up.

For comparison, here's a typical WLA sans gun scab bard, ammo box, and bags . Note headlight and horn position and side by side rear tail lights. It also has later style oil bath air cleaner and rear ultility rack.


drsprocket said...

I believe this is a stateside shot of an MP machine. Note license plate, no regular tail lights "over there", headlight is on regular mount in right position, and I believe that to be a front fender mount siren (front wheel driven) like the one I just saw yesterday. Note siren cover, air pump on rear crashbar. What is that peg, or ? behind the footboard extension? Cool photo.

Chris K said...

Doc, What I meant was, headlight is mounted like a civilian model. Must be a pre-'42 ('39?) as H-D lowered headlights on later WLA models cause they broke too much when bikes were dropped.

Yeah that's a peg. You see them on a lot of 45's, mounted on the rear strap bolt.

I'll post a typical WLA for comparison.

drsprocket said...

Right, civilian style headlight mount and taillight. Different mounting place for the hand pump too. Check front brake lever, '41 up. I believe they went to the round rubber foot board extentions in '41 also? Interesting bike. I'll send you a left and right of a WWII machine that will blow your mind. We believe it to be a made in Japan HD produced VL style machine. The fork is VL only longer, the rear frame section is something I've never seen before, and it has tons of ground. P.S. What do you think about the siren? clearance.

Chris K said...

thanks doc,

Here's a great site for military 45's:

I know the Japanese bikes you speak of. I think it's called an A-97. Military version of the Rikuo, the VL H-D licensed to Japan. They also made 45 civilian versions. I plan to post some info and pics. on the subject.

Send pics when you get a chance.

Chris K said...

oops, forgot, I'm sure your right about the siren. photo was stateside and an MP's. Missed the brake lever. Tail light thru me off , thought I'd read about them using on later model WLA's. H-D continued to use old equipment like the older rack that dated from the twenties.