Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gasoline Gallery's CA Screaming 4 or...

... one big post.

Every May, for the last four years, Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo Ca. holds it's annual Art and Hot Rod show. The block in front of the gallery is closed off to traffic for a informal drive (or ride), in show. I was on my shovel so it was easy to get past the road barriers and was lucky to find a spot in the middle of the block just across from from the gallery.

The street scene I encountered once parked.

Not a Harley! First order of business was to check out this Rikuo. Coming soon, a post solely dedicated to this bike.

Next stop, the gallery. My mission, get in , shoot some art, and get out alive. Here's what I was up against.

Hey buddy, your blocking the art! It appeared they had more art packed in than ever.

I myself have toyed with the notion of doing some art in the style of '60's biker film posters. Art by James Owens.

This one quickly caught my eye, and for a minute, wouldn't let go. Art by Jet Wrench.

Something for everybody?...

... or one to match the sofa?

This incredible stipple art (tiny ink dots), was a bargin. Is this why he's called Krazy Dottie?

Another by Krazy Dottie. How he can let these go at this price? It's not surprising someone fetched it right up.

I really dig Makoto's graphic style

This guy's getting fame.

Interesting style/technique.

There's always a Weesner or two on hand.

I really liked this concept of doing stripes as sculpture. I apologize for the blurred photo and lack of credit. It's tough shooting in a crowded gallery.

Hey, where's the C. Kallas art?

One "Flaky" Deuce

TLT, Tight Little Turnip.

Suede Red, the new Flat Black

Cool sissy bar. Ala Mid Century modern art.

They let Harley's in?

If it's ALL BLACK, it must be a Bobber. Don't even go there!

The Britt's are taking over!

The line up kept changing.

The Adam's family dropped in.

This beast caused a small ruckus pulling in. Sort of looks like a sedan version of my Monsterod T-shirt art.

A few artist were set up to hock their goods.

Folks, please don't bump the table!

Sorry but, the plain crappy lettering really detracts from this nice rod.

Can't afford a old board tracker?... build a replica from a bicycle .

Straight axles Rule!

The Nova's nifty novelty shifter knob. Say that fast!

Cherry in more ways than one.

They only let this one in because of it's green tire.

It's always interesting to see the choices guys make.

I'm speechless.

Nice bike hauler.

The cargo.

I saved the nicest "Limey" for last... sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Until the next post, Later!


chessie said...

Chris, excellent again...
I'm lookin for stuff like this in my little corner of the world to do... I wonder if it's as good out east as it is out west? Well hell, of course it is!
Thanks for the stuff for sure!

Noot said...

Kick Ass Post !

Chris said...

Man, we must have bumped shoulders at one time at one of these events. Im the guy with the beard taking pix in front of Choppertown Scott's Triumph. "Turnip"
Im going back to Gasoline tomorrow to take pix of the new art since I was whiped out yesterday after the ride with Cro Custom. Cant get much of a pic during opening night anyway. Your favorite Triumph belongs to my friend Kit from El Sigundo. Ive shot the hell out of his bike latley since I poofed on it at Gasoline that day. My bad. I had no idea its been so long since Ive checked out your blog. Im posting your link on Blue Collar Moto so I can remember to check in every day! Great shots!

Chris K said...

Thanks, Chris. Yeah we've sort of bumped elbows. I remember see you there when I was shooting Scott's Triumph. I also have seen you hanging with Slim from time to time.

I'm mostly the quiet type when I don't know people. When I do, that's another story.

I don't usually post every day, so you might check in every few days or so your not disappointed.