Friday, April 3, 2009

Last Week's LB Swap Meet

Last week's Long Beach swap meet seemed to be as busy as ever. Every available vendor space was filled and the bike and car parking were both jam packed. For what ever reason, this seems to happen about two or three times a year. This wasn't a particularly sunny day so who knows?

I was in a hurry so, I didn't read the info. I'm guessing it was a cover bike.

I normally don't go for turned around front fenders but, liked this one. I dig this seat. To match the rainbow effect of the paint, the beading was made from several different colored metal flake pieces.

I had to stop and see if this was some kind of decal. It wasn't.

This '70 was an ex-Whittier CA Police bike. Asking price was $12k. Seller didn't realize there were a few non original parts on the bike. Only fanatics like me would know. It doesn't hurt that I own a '70.

Although it still retained the Police Special Speedo and kickstand, the later style petcock, '79 recall type fender (chrome mount with screws instead of rivets), and later model tail light, indicates that all the sheet metal has probably replaced. Seller knew about the tail light.

The guy leaning on truck has been trying to sell this bike for awhile.

Don't remember the make on this one. looks German.

KR top on a WR bottom with RL forks. Tanks were normal tanks that were narrowed, not the H-D racing types.

Same guy was selling this '25 JD. It's pretty amazing what shows up.

I was worried the lousy economy might kill this monthly event. More people cleaning out the garage for money combined with more people looking for bargains seems to have done the opposite.

Besides getting there late and hunting parts, I didn't shoot as many pictures as planned. Oh well, there's always next month.


chessie said...

This happens every month? I have been to LB once in my life...that was in 05 For the calender show...

I didn't know they have a swap meet like this there, appears to be an excellent resource.

steevenb43 said...

that 1970 is sweet - but really - 12k?

Cone shovels by me wont command nearly that price...try, like half...

Andreas said...

hi your site is really nice the black old bike with sidecar is made in GDR in the 50s and 60s its called AWO T425

greetz from germany

Chris K said...

Andreas, Thanks for the information.