Sunday, March 22, 2009

Knuckle Sandwhiched

Here's a very cool and interesting old photo

Pre-war? Bob Jobs, does it get any cooler?

I don't know the date of this photo but we can somewhat date the bikes.

The first hint is they all have rectangular foot boards, making them '39 or older. the Knuckle's paint (tank panel), doesn't look quite right (to me), for a '39 but, it does have '39 and up fender trim. The tank panel may be the police type patern. All the 45's have RL tanks ('36 and earlier) and I beam springers. Two have air horns. The farthest bike has the old top of tank mounted speedo and a custom air cleaner instead of the air horn. You can also see the pre- '41, flatter derby cover on the closest bike. It also looks like it has a '34 (single) or '33 and earlier taillight mounted up on the tip of the rear fender. All three 45's have cool old style flamed paint jobs.

Did I miss something? Maybe the good doctor has something to say.


drsprocket said...

Chris, I concur. Looks like a '39 Knuckle ( eyes aren't as good as they used to be)and those 3 45's are for sure pre-36. That last Corbin speedo is the same on the JD's, VL's, DL's, and RL's. Same with those high shiftgates. Good call and way cool photo. love those early flames. I don't think what most think of as flames today started till the 50'S.

chessie said... guys have the eye locked in don't ya? One of these I just don't think I will ever have "it" going on like you two...but glad we have you guys to bring it all up to the forefront with your eagle eyes!

Fun with Doc Sproc and CK...I can see the movie trailer now...

Thanks, I'm getting some damn fine lessons with ya!

Chris K said...

It just happens when you've really been into this stuff for a long time but, it's harder to keep straight as the dementia creeps in.

I take it back about the knuckle's tank paint. It's definitely a '39's paint. I did some cross checking and it turns out the left side panels are painted a bit higher than the right side, to adjust for the shifter gate. That, and the quality of the photo, threw me off.