Monday, January 12, 2009


was one of those days that yells, Go For a Ride! The temps were around 80 and the air was clean and clear. My wife and I took our usual head clearing jaunt around the Palos Verdes peninsula. I immediately knew it was a mistake that I didn't take my camera. The hillsides were green, the sun was bouncing off the Pacific, Catalina was clearly visible and you could easily see the channel islands. Also, we rolled through all but one traffic light. A rare day indeed.

Some rides are, or contain, what I call Golden Moments, when everything just feels right.

At the end of the day when I was closing up shop, the bike was posed in a way that said, take a shot.


Diesel said...

I really hate you left coast guys.....I just bolted ice skates to my car.

Chris K said...

Yeah, I kind of felt bad posting it. I did think of you folks in cold spots. Even for here, it's been unusually warm this week. But take heed, not everything is groovy in LA-LA land.